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Companies, professionals and training organizations

National and local companies trust us to organize meetings, book hotel nights, seminars, meals or business evenings at the *** Les Vignes Blanches hotel.

For example, our meeting rooms are regularly used by companies for gold buyback and gemstone expertise. Another example, the Sebso company also meets regularly for training days or manager meetings at the Les Vignes Blanches hotel.

Among our recent references: Bio Habitat, IRM, O'Hara, Groupe Beneteau, Fiber excellence, Gaches Chimie, Ciments Calcia, Stradal, Marie Brizard, Sebso, Chimirec Socodeli, Valmet, Tratel, Tecnoriva, Direlli, Caumes Armatures, Dunlop motorsport, Marie Blachere ....

Training organizations also choose the Les Vignes Blanches hotel: Eclipse Istec, Groupe Zenos, etc.

67 Avenue de Farciennes, 30300 Beaucaire • Tel.: +33(0) 4 66 59 13 12